The Cool Quest

The Cool Quest is a Dutch band with over 500 (festival) shows, lots of airplay and several awards to their name. The band members met more or less by accident at a jam session in 2010 and got along so well, they decided to start working on a regular basis. This eventually led to their first album ‘Funkin’ Badass’. Which came out in 2014.

the cool quest

The Cool Quest has more than 500 (festival) shows, a lot of airplay and several awards to its name. But not only inside, also outside the Netherlands they are a great success with tours and shows throughout Europe.

The Cool Quest’s music is characterized by its recognizable soulful vocals, genre-bending sound and influences from hip-hop, indie and alternative pop. After making their mark at the Reeperbahn Festival, the new single ‘PARTY ON THE BLOC’ was released in September 2021 and received a lot of airplay on NPO 3FM, Radio 1 and Radio 10. In February 2022 they were invited as house band at NOS Studio Peking during the Winter Olympics.

They also played at two ‘Bevrijdingsfestivals’ and headlined several festivals across the country. In the fall of 2022, they also went on a tour through the country. With support a.o. from the ‘Hedon Promovendus’ grant and the ‘UPSTREAM’ grant, a brand new album will be released in 2023 and the band will once again prove why they are one of the best live bands in the Netherlands!

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