Think of music. Happiness and (over)excited yelling and you will definitely think of Blanks.

The tall Dutch musician rapidly built an international fanbase with his YouTube channel ‘Music by Blanks’ which he started at the age of 15 and has more than 1.300.000 subscribers these days. He’s not a traditional Youtuber, but a musician that uses YouTube to spread his unlimited love and passion for music.


Remember that one song you had on repeat during that great trip with your friends? And that happy, melancholic feeling it gives you now? That’s what musician Blanks wants with his music. His latest single “Not Scared Anymore” was released on September 8, 2023.

Starting out as a bedroom producer in his childhood home, the 26-year-old songwriter is currently the most promising indie-pop artist from the Netherlands.

With his successful Instagram channel, Blanks tries to take his fans through the process of making songs. This concept resulted in songs like “Wave,” “Bittersweet” and “Higher”. On his YouTube channel “Music By Blanks”, which currently has 1.3 million followers, he expresses his unconditional love for music through concepts as “One Hour Song Challenge” and “Blanks Invites”. In this series, he invites artists for a studio session, such as Alfie Templeman, Dayglow, San Holo and Sheppard.

The Dutch musician has already played at showcase festivals ESNS, New York Indie Week and Reeperbahn. In 2020, he headlined VidCon London 2020, appeared on MTV’s TRL and was nominated for an MTV Push Award. Through his participation in ‘Beste Zangers’ in 2022, he has captured a whole new audience. With his overexcited and enthusiastic persona, he speaks to everyone! In September 2023, Blanks started his Europe & UK Tour. 

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