Bibi Espina

Bibi Espina is a Dutch-Chilean singer based in The Netherlands.

Two years ago Bibi Espina used to live in Aruba en began posting 1-minute-songs on Instagram. Honest, vulnerable, straight to the point and sometimes with humor. Anyway, that’s what her mother used to say. 

Bibi Espina

When Bibi Espina started making her 1-minute-songs on Instagram, RUMAG picked it up and back in Amsterdam, she continued writing and singing. Bibi listens a lot to Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Tracy Chapman, but she also loves music from South America. Her mother always tells her, that her songs are catchy en recognizable. Her very first single ‘Alleen Jij’ reached 1 million streams, of which she is very proud! 

After so many years of working in catering, mobile phone shops and restaurants, she is finally doing what she really loves. making MUSIC.

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